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Mistakes That Would Cost You Your IIT Dream

Are you eagerly preparing for your IIT JEE? If yes, you are likely to be experiencing a mix of emotions. It would range from fear, apprehension, anxiety to excitement. You cannot run away from these feelings and there is no other go but to go through them as you prepare for the JEE. There are certain mistakes you must be cautious not to make. Here are few such mistakes which could potentially cost you your IIT dream.

We notice among many students a new trend; this category of students think that they will be able to clear their JEE just by following the tips that they read online. Tips and tricks to clear JEE would just support your efforts but you cannot rely on them completely. Therefore, it is important you do not make this mistake. If you keep wasting your time just searching for these tips and tricks, you may not actually have enough time to prepare for your exams. Use the online resources with discretion.

Waiting until the last minute to join an institute that offers IIT JEE coaching in Navi Mumbai is a mistake that will definitely cost your IIT dream. You would be failing to get the required support from your coaching center if you do not join the JEE classes well in advance. The coaching centers will have their own timetable to follow when it comes to covering the syllabus. Classes will be taken for all the three subjects, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. If you delay your enrollment then you will miss the classes. It is also important to note here that the admissions in the popular coaching centers would be filled very fast and they will not admit new students once the classes commence. You would then be forced to join some mediocre institutes that keep their admissions open.

After joining the classes for JEE preparation ONLINE or offline one should make the required efforts besides these sessions. There are students who do not invest anymore time after the sessions and this will be very risky. The classes along will not be sufficient. You need to work on each paper regularly besides the classes you attend. During the JEE classes the teachers will explain the concepts and teach all the topics in the syllabus for JEE. You need to make your own preparations to gain mastery over these concepts.

There are countless options when it comes to JEE coaching classes but the problem with most of them is that they do not deliver the promised results. If you are going to select your coaching centers based on its proximity to your house and not based on their reputation, then you are definitely making a huge mistake. Not all IIT coaching institutes are made equal. You certainly do not want to take risks with your future. Better get started looking for the most dependable coaching institutes right away and prepare a timetable for regular preparations. Make sure that you are sticking to your planned timetable.

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