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Citizens looking forward to a better democracy

Airesis is the outcome of the fusion of two projects: Agorà 2.0 and DemocracyOnline, that came toghether in the association Tecnologie Democratiche, with one of its main goal being the development of an innovative open-source e-democracy software.

The goal of the team, made entarely of volunteers is to give citizens and groups a software platform that allows them to cope with most of the problems of our society by allowing the creation, the discussion and voting on proposals in a transparent, democratic, constructive and participative way, allowing the collective intelligence to emerge.

If you also share our goal, you can join us contacting our volunteers.

Please have a look at the history of Airesis. Find out how our project was born and what are our future objectives.

Development Area

Rodi alessandro
Alessandro su Google+

Alessandro Rodi

Head Developer and Webmaster

I am 33 years old and live in Zurich where I work as a Java and Ruby on Rails developer. I cultivate passion for programming for many years and in 2009 I completed my studies in Computer Science graduating in Bologna. Passionate about politics and digital technologies, in July 2011 I was approached Ruby On Rails and I began to lay the foundations of the Airesis source code, keeping in mind an ambitious project: the creation of a software for participatory democracy. Fascinated by how politics is changing in recent years and by the fact that it will soon have to deal with the world wide web, I realized that such an instrument has never been made ​​available to citizens and so .... here I am ! Within the project I work on coordinating the development activities and I take care of the programming itself; I offer support to other programmers and act as the supervisor of the source code quality. Moreover I help in the development of logic and in the definition of time windows and deadlines required for their completion.

Tilatti marino
Aggiungimi a Skype

Marino Tilatti

Developer and coordinator

During my undergraduate studies, I realize the great possibilities that the internet offers to humanity. Just graduated in Economics and Business I chose to devote myself to my passions and in a few years I gave life to several major portals about the world of animals and luxury real estate, as well as some Application Service Provider. My dream, however, is always to realize a decision-making tool capable of implementing direct democracy, for this reason, as soon as I heard about this project I threw myself headlong in spite of my other commitments and my two wonderful children. I'm taking care of the visual and usability aspects, SEO and communication matters, in addition to the purely technical programming support .

Analisys area

Giulietti nicola
Aggiungimi a Skype
cell +39.3802931955

Nicola Giulietti

Analyst and coordinator

I am 35 years old and since about 21 are engaged in the voluntary sector, in which I coordinated many activities. I studied environmental engineering and energy engineering. During college I attended some technological innovation projects and have worked in the field of sustainability and participatory democracy. Within Agora 2.0 - Airesis projects I took care of everything but the programming: the study of application logic, coordination, graphics. It is not easy to be surrounded by computer science professionals and graduates, but I will resist until Airesis not allow people to efficiently and democratically self-organize in order to retrieve the wheel of this crazy world.

Baiotto marco

Marco Baiotto


Plays the role of chief information officer for two large manufacturing companies belonging to an international holding operating in the automotive sector. Always divided between computer science and the humanities, he is a journalist and literary critic. Curator of the site (as well as judge in the homonymous literary contest dedicated to animals), has published on several websites and magazines of various cultural and humanity (including as well as in anthologies. Creator of “Iperrelazionismo sensibile”, a philosophical construct in the making, is the author of the essay "Wide Democracy, beyond politics," synthesis of 3 years of studies dedicated to create a certified software for e-democracy and online deliberation matters (remained at the prototype stage). Accidentally landend in the Airesis project, he has been conquered by its main concept and philosophy. He decided to donate the fruit of his research and his free time, participating in the development group. His contribute focuses on analysis of functional logic and testing, but does not mind the ethical criticism and philosophical implications arising from the longer term evolutionary choices carried out ​​within the group.

Graphic Area

Kabora marcello

Marcello Kabora

Graphic designer

I am a capable and dynamic guy looking for a job where I could develop my skills accumulated in the last few years of work, in particular, in the construction of websites, applications, logos, catalogs and flyers. I use many graphics softwares and programming languages, and I always try to keep myself updated on new developments. I like to work in a team but also in a stand-alone way, if the case so requires, I pay a lot of attention to detail and I know how to solve problems by means of specific research. I can handle stress very well and have good communication skills. Over the past two years I have worked on several projects at a distance, created a strong communication mood and always reaching targets agreed in terms of effectiveness and timing. To see my curriculum vitae and my recent work I’d like to invite you to visit my website -

Internationalization Area

Tolja jacopo

Jacopo Tolja

In charge for recruiting and coordination of translators

I am 56 years old, are a disillusioned, but I found in Airesis a reason to get back into the game and hope to develop a better society for me, but especially for my children and also for you that you get up to this point and here you are reading this sentence. I did everything during my life, travels, adventures, attempts of exploit and bring my experience as a citizen of the world to ensure that Airesis is used by the most large number of people in each most remote corner of the world. I give my help in coordinating the'Airesis internationalization and localization process and I'm interested in developing for the Airesis website the simplest and the most intuitive user interface existent on the web! I have a big flaw, I am undemocratic and thus, here I'm fine, I'm the exception confirming the rule! The members of this group have made me feel like that and more than in the family and I know I can count on them as I can count on true friends.

Communication Area

Curini simone

Simone Curini

Spreading of the project and contacts with Meetup

I am 42 years old and about 13 are engaged in the political and social movement called “Five stars movement” of Florence. I studied economics and business (financial markets), then I realized who (or what) I should have to be in order to be able to honor my studies and I preferred familiar shores. I'm an antiquarian and the time that this work has granted me, has been used to perfect the knowledge of some programming languages ​​such as php and java. In Agora 2.0 - Airesis I was involved by Nicola in 2010 for the study of logic, for the creation of virtual spaces in which the comparison between the different programmers took place, and finally for his presentation and promotion. I am currently studying Ruby despite a 8 month old daughter wonderfully challenging. The hope is to give life to a dream in which the policy is made ​​by the people for the people to always get the most shared, weighted and appreciated possible solution.

Chiara gianferrari

Chiara Gianferrari


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Matteo martini

Matteo Martini


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Test Area

Mion carlo
Carlo Mionon Google+

Carlo Mion

Tester and Developer

I am a student at the University of Trento. I have had a passion for computer science since I was young, so I began my academic studies in order to further study this science. It is fascinating for me because it has revolutionized our lives and continues to evolve day after day.
During my years in high school I learned that some intellectuals theorized a democracy in which it was possible to make shared decisions through the participation of the same citizens. I think that Airesis makes this possible and so I gave my availability to help its development.
I am part of the testing group, which has the goal of verifiyng the proper operativeness of Airesis. I also test the latest innovations introduced in the platform before they are released to the public. At the same time I help the internazionalization team, preparing the strings and words written in the source code of Airesis so that they can be easily translated. Doing this I can better know the Ruby language and I think that this will greatly help my future carrer.

Zanellato luca

Luca Zanellato

Tester ed analyst

I'm 47 and I'm an electronics. As a citizen I was wondering if there might be another way of living the politics, or more in general, to collaborate with others. I approached the issues of direct and participatory democracy, and I discovered the possibilities of the network and of the e-democracy. I believe that starting from these issues it will be possible to develop a new form of collaboration, not limited to the political aspects and related to the management of the public affairs, but more in general concerning the solution of problems by means of discussion and exchange between communities of people, also very large and transversals. This group has given me the opportunity to collaborate on what I believe will be one of the next frontiers of sociability.

Other volunteers active in the project

Chiara Gianferrari, Fabio Ceccarelli, Fabio Palmieri, Giovani Spagnolo, Laura Maccioni, Luca Zanellato, Pietro Speroni di Fenizio


They dedicated free time to the project (in alphabetical order):

Alessandro Socciarello, Andrea Papini, Aramis amantini, Danilo Mezgec, Enrico Mengotti, Fabio Alemagna, Fabrizio Traboni, Fatima Foudal, Francesco Ercavalierenero,Gabriella Creti, Gianmarco Barel, Heba Saied, Marco Zordan, Mauro Sasso, Matteo Martini, Massimo Pagani, Michelangelo Marchesi, Pietro Polimeri, Riccardo Leone, Rui Martins, Simone D'Errico, Veit Ladurner...

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