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Стандардни предлог Salario minimo orario

Per questa recessione è opportuno realizzare il salario minimo orario a 10 euro l ora

È inaccettabile che ci siano solo propagande da sinistra e sindacati riguardo ciò. Servono i fatti.

Are there experiences to inspire to achieve the goal? Among the possible solutions / initiatives already in place, which ones have achieved the best results and which ones have the worst? Why?

Who will receive the benefits and drawbacks from the achievement of the objective and the proposed solutions? Were these subjects involved in the discussion of this proposal? In what way?

What are the characteristics that should respect the ideal solution? May be referred to both technical requirements that values ​​and principles to be observed.

Решење 1:

Describe the solution that, in practice, is proposed to take to achieve the goal.

When will this solution be implemented? Identify possible stages of implementation.

Who will implement or arrange to implement the solution? In case of implementation, how to monitor and verify the outcomes of the solution?

Are funds, volunteers, tools and skills going to be needed to implement this solution? List and quantify them. How will these resources be found?

Does this solution meet the ethical requirements of the group or community to which it is addressed? What is its social and environmental impact?

Is documentation available for the solution?

List and summarize the main advantages and strengths of this solution. Indicate the stakeholders of the advantages.

List and summarize the main problems and disadvantages of this solution. Indicate the stakeholders of the disadvantages.

Учитавање предложених идеја - доприноса, молимо сачекајте...

Обележите предложену идеју - допринос

Можете указати уредницима предлога да овај допринос не садржи одговарајуће информације за проналажење решења предлога.
Ако је предложени допринос означен 3 пута, уредници предлога га могу избрисати из дискусије и ставити у „није неопходно“ фолдер.

Non attinente alla discussione o non costruttivo

Пријава доприноса

Можете указати веб-мастеру да овај допринос крши тренутно важеће законе.
Након установљавања кршења, допринос ће бити уклоњен. Немојте злоупотребљавати ову алатку.

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